Our Services

Avenir Logistics Solutions Pte Ltd categorises our services and solutions under 4 main categories:

Specialised Logistics

Conventional Logistics

Auxiliary Logistics Solutions

Custom Clearance

With different functional categorizations, we are able to tailor our services and customised solutions according to the very needs of our customers, thereby, ensuring maximal efficiency and productivity while maintaining cost savings and flexibilities. Dedicated and well-trained field support staffs compliment the whole logistics experience that our customers received for every order made and fulfilled. Informative IT solutions are also harnessed to effectively improve work processed and flow. We support Business to Business (B-C), Business to Consumers (B-C) operations on different modes such long term contract, short term and also ad-hoc operations.

Specialized Logistics – Air Ride Specialist

We provide the following specialized logistics services:

  • Shock-sensitive
  • Climate + humidity
  • High value cargoes in aviation
  • Semi-con Industries
  • Electronics Industries that requires specially retrofitted equipment
  • 14ft and 24ft dangerous goods conveyance
  • Aircraft engine conveyance
  • 20ft, 40ft, 50ft container box in various variations
  • 24ft in various variations with air-suspension
  • Lorry crane arrangements
  • Forklift with operator services

Conventional Logistics

We offer a variations of panel vans and trucks with various sizes and configurations for a multitude of general cargoes, e.g raw materials, finished goods, FMCGS, etc.

  • Fleet size of variation from 10ft to 24ft affixed box or curtain side with tailgate
  • Flatbed, low bed and U-bed Open trailers

Auxiliary Logistics

Avenir Logistics Solutions Pte Ltd provides our customers with One Stop Solutions (OSS) services to alleviate the hustle and inconvenience of multi channels coordination.

  • Equipment Rental
  • Manpower Provision
  • Specialised Operations and Freight Solutions
  • Leasing of generator set, aerial working platform, forklift and various pallet jacks
  • Leasing of 20ft and 40ft containers, chassis and trailers
  • Certified lifting team
  • Aircraft On Ground (AOG)
  • Terminal Direct Loading (TDL)
  • Airside Direct Loading (ADL)
  • Out Of Gauge (OOG) Escort Solutions
  • Air/ Sea Freight Clearance